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FCS II Wins SIMA Hardgoods Accessory Product Award

by Chris D | Feb 18, 2014
The new FCS II system has notched up yet another accolade, this time winning the USA SIMA Image Award for Hardgoods Accessory Product of the year. 

The award recognises the best surf hardgood accessory product in 2013 featuring the most exciting innovation, design and appeal. Accessory products such as fins, leashes, boardbags, and other hardgood accessories are all considered for the prestigious award.

This year the category was fiercely contested, with FCS II defeating the Dane Reynolds Recycled Traction Pad by Channel Islands Surfboards, the Drylock Boot by Xcel, John John’s Signature Techflex Fin by Futures, and the Portable Self Inflation Vest by Patagonia.

No panel is involved in determining the winner of the award; winners are simply based on the highest number of votes obtained from retailers and SIMA members. 

Mike Durante, head designer at Surf Hardware International had this to say upon hearing the news. “Receiving this award really validates all the hard work and effort we’ve put into it.  Our team of in-house designers worked tirelessly creating a new, highly functional system that was easy to use, and above all delivered better performance. I think we achieved that with FCS II, and we’re proud to see the new system being adopted by surfers around the globe”.

Not only has the new FCS II system been acknowledged by way of industry awards, it’s also been eagerly accepted by the best surfers in the world. Having already claimed a number of WCT wins and more recently its first ASP World Title victory at the hands of Mick Fanning, FCS II is now set to become the new world standard fin system.
The new FCS II system boasts a number of key advantages over its predecessors. Firstly, it’s keyless and requires no tools or screws. Secondly, the leading edge of the fin resides inside the plug and the base of the fins now sit flush to the surface of the board. This creates a solid connection between the fin and the surfboard to ultimately deliver quicker response. And lastly, the new system is backward compatible, meaning it will accept fins from the original dual tab system.
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    Jeremy Flores

    Jeremy Flores

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