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Fin System Pressure Testing

by User Not Found | Feb 26, 2013
Check out the results of our lateral pressure test of FCS Fins Systems vs counterfeit systems with FCS Product Development Manager Mike Durante.

The lateral pressure test is a way for us to quantify when a system fails. Relating it to surfing its comparable to how much force a surfer can put on their fins in a turn.

Our aim is to create a system that will surpass any type of force a surfer can put on their fin system.

The Pressure Test Results:

Post-glass Fin System     
 Counterfeit 1    80.8 ftlb 
 Counterfeit 2    93.8 ftlb
 FCS X-2    108.6 ftlb
 Pre-Glass Fin Systems    
 Competitor    83.7 ftlb
 FCS Fusion    106.1 ftlb

ftlb: Foot-Pound Force

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    Julian Wilson

    Julian Wilson

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