Firewire & FCS step up support for Share The Stoke Foundation.

by User Not Found | Feb 26, 2013

What began as an informal relationship almost two years ago has now morphed into a strong partnership. Firewire, with support from FCS and a number of Firewire's raw material vendors, has committed to supply Share The Stoke Foundation (STSF) with over 100 surfboards in 2013, and even greater quantities in 2014 and beyond. 

Founded in December 2007 by Kelly Kingston, STSF is a non-profit whose mission is to create possibilities for underprivileged kids around the world by keeping them off the street and in the water surfing. They do this through the distribution of surfboards. The foundation travels the world searching for kids who have always wanted to surf but do not have the financial means to get a surfboard. After speaking to village mayors, teachers and the like, STSF makes sure that only the most deserving individuals are the beneficiaries of such a valued reward. 

"Kelly approached us a few years ago requesting any surfboards we could spare," said Firewire CEO Mark Price, "after supplying what we could, we realized that this was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of what we do, and marry it to an organization that ensures that the stoke was shared in a meaningful way".

Kelly Kingston added, "Our vision is to share love and hope through the sport of surfing.  We believe that any child who wants to surf should be able to.”
 FCS Share The Stoke Price continued, "Heading into 2013, we decided to really step up and go as big as we could. FCS got on board immediately and not only donated the
fin plugs for the STSF boards, but they also supplied the traction, leashes and fins for the first 100 surfboards! A number of our other raw material vendors also contributed, most notably Ferko Foam and Gurit, suppliers of our EPS foam and high-density deck skins respectively. And Sticky Bumps contributed wax to complete the package.”

“Firewire and our other partners have been incredibly generous with this project, “says Kingston. “We are excited to work together to insure that not only are the privileged able to surf waves around the world but also the local kids who often stand by and watch.”

"In addition, with the increased eco-consciousness of today’s consumer, Firewire is constantly refining our raw materials to decrease our carbon footprint below the current levels, which are already 50 times less than conventional polyurethane boards”

To get involved visit Share The Stoke Foundations, 100 Board Project.