by Chris D | Feb 28, 2013
Mick Fanning is considered one of the true icons in surfing.

In 2009 Mick made the switch from fixed fins to FCS and never looked back. The transition coincided with a string of amazing results both in the competitive arena, and in his day-to-day free surf sessions. His in-depth knowledge of his equipment, and his ability to fine tune and deliver feedback on products, are key factors that will ensure Mick’s line of signature FCS templates will be among the most popular fins in the world.

The MF-2 Fin 
Mick Fanning's signature MF-2 features the same construction, foil, and outline as the MF-1 but on a smaller template. This medium size fin has a dynamic flex, is ideal for long arc turns and is designed for high performance surfing.

  • Lightweight fin with remarkable flex
  • Smooth feel and impressive aesthetic
  • Base: 4.50" / 110mm
  • Depth: 4.50" / 114mm
  • Area: 14.62"2 / 9434mm2
  • Sweep: 35.9°
  • Foil: flat

  • Drive: 4/5
  • Pivot: 5/5
  • Hold: 5/5

Size & Fit Guide: 
  • Medium: Optimum weight range: 65kg - 80kg
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