Fanning Prevails At Lowers Riding MF Signature Fin

by Chris D | Sep 20, 2015
Trestles served up some amazing waves for the 2015 Hurley Pro, and the FCS Global Team dominated filling all semi-final positions in both the men and women’s. In the men’s final it was a power surfing matchup between the two top rated surfers in the world, with Mick eventually claiming victory with clean open faced carves and lightning fast snaps. 

What did they ride?

Winner Mick Fanning was clinical in his approach to every heat at the Hurley Pro. Choosing to showcase his strong rail-game on the rights, Mick produced mind-blowing power carves and wrap-to-release combinations with control and precision riding his signature FCS II MF Large. Mick’s style of surfing is perfectly suited to the MF template, which has a high degree of sweep and a full tip producing maximum drive. The win puts Mick on top of the ratings and earns him the prestigious yellow leader jersey.

“The right-handers at Trestles are tailor-made for wrapping huge arcs, and my fin allows me to push as hard as I want but still stay in control. DHD made me some killer boards too, and the combination of the two worked perfectly”. - Mick Fanning

FCS II MF Athlete Fin

Runner-up and 100% hardware rider Adriano de Souza switched between his signature FCS II ADS Medium and the FCS II Carver PCC Medium fin during the event, both of which are designed for carving longer turns on open face waves. On the days when Adriano needed a little extra tail release, but didn’t want to sacrifice any drive, he opted for his signature template that has a smaller centre fin.

FCS II DeSouza Fin

Equal third finisher Gabriel Medina rode the FCS II Performer PC Large in his heats for its versatility offering a blend of speed, flow and response. Preferring a fin with more flex and forgiveness in the softer waves at Trestles, Gabriel opted for Performance Core construction over his signature FCS II GM Large fin that features a stiffer ‘custom carbon’ flex which he prefers to ride in bigger, more powerful conditions. Part of the 100% FCS hardware team, Gabriel was also showcasing his new signature FCS Traction pad at the event. 

FCS Medina Signature Traction

Event favorite Filipe Toledo capitalized on his air game leading up to the final day, but fell short in a close heat with fellow Brazilian Adriano de Souza. Filipe switched between the FCS II Performer PCC Medium when the tide was lower and the waves were hollow, and the FCS II MF Medium, which allowed him to add a strong carving element to his repertoire due to the increased rake on the fin. Another 100% hardware rider, Filipe was also running the new FCS T3 Traction pad.

FCS II Performer Toledo

 It was another clean sweep for FCS II in the women’s event, with all semi-finalists again using the system. Carissa Moore was too good in the final riding the FCS II Performer PC Medium against Bianca Buitentag who was riding the FCS II MF Large. Crowd favorite Lakey Peterson performed well all week riding the FCS II KA Medium, while the other 3rd place finisher Dimity Stoyle was riding the FCS II Performer PC Medium. 

28 WSL World Championship Tour events, and 6 WSL World Titles, have now been won by surfers riding the FCS II system and fins.