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FCS II Longboard Essential Series Fins

by Chris D | Jul 20, 2016

Following the recent release of the FCS II Tool-Less longboard fins, ​FCS is now excited to introduce the new FCS II LB Essential Series fin range, providing a simpler more effective way to choose a longboard fin.

Set to demystify the confusion surrounding longboard fins, the new FCS II LB Essential Series fin range consist of three distinguishable, purpose designed, single fin templates; the PIVOT, CONNECT and the FLOW. Each fin is suited to a different style of longboard surfing; from the fast high performance approach, through to nose riding and a more traditional laid back style.

Working closely with some of the FCS longboard team riders, each fin was developed, tested and refined until the prerequisite for each individual template was satisfied. They’re also aptly named to represent the type of performance they provide.

The FCS II LB PIVOT is an upright fin with minimal sweep and a narrow base for performing tighter turns and nose riding. This fin can be used on both traditional logs and high performance longboards, and promotes a tight turn so you can pivot in the pocket, lock the rail on the wave face, and run to the nose. (2 + 1 Compatible) 

The FCS II LB CONNECT has a neutral, well balanced template that’s very versatile and will suit a wide range of conditions. This fin offers a combination of drive, speed and response for high performance longboarding so you can seamlessly connect turns and move freely up and down the board. (2 + 1 Compatible)

Finally, the FCS II LB FLOW, with its elongated base and fuller outline, provides excess drive and hold for longer turns, trim stability, and a more laid back style of longboarding. This fin is suited to traditional longboards and logs, and is recommended as a single fin only.

All FCS II Tool-Less longboard fins can be inserted and secured into a fin box without the need for a screw and plate. Furthermore, it takes just seconds to remove the fins, or adjust them mid surfing session.


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    Jeremy Flores

    Jeremy Flores

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