The FCS II Essential Series Fin Materials

by Chris D | Mar 21, 2017
Made up of 4 fin templates, the FCS II Essential Series was originally introduced to demystify the process of finding the right fin to compliment the waves you ride, and the type of performance you want to achieve. Each fin has a purpose, and every design element is infused into the fin for a reason.  

The Essential Series comes in 3 different constructions, Performance Core Carbon (PCC), Performance Core (PC) and NEO Glass, with each construction delivering a different feel in the water.

Performance Core Carbon (PCC)
Our premium Performance Core Carbon (PCC) range has been updated with new materials and an exciting ‘Linear Flex’ pattern making each fin faster and even more responsive. How did we do this?

Our internal carbon frames have been re-​engineered to distribute stiffness and flex where it’s needed most. This means the flex is perfectly suited to each template and the intended performance of the fin. We’ve also replaced the carbon at the base of the fins with Innegra inserts to achieve a more holistic flex along the entire length of the fin without sacrificing strength.

In laymen’s terms, rather than having a fin that simply bends, this new ‘Linear Flex’ we’ve created produces a 3D twist & roll ​action to better harness energy as the surfer pushes against the fin. The result is more speed and a smoother feel as you drive through a turn, and quicker response when making tight directional changes.

FCS II Performer PCC  

The FCS II Performer PCC

• Designed for a balance of speed, flow & response

• Suitable for everyday conditions and board types

• Ideal for surfers who want a reliable ‘All Round’ fin with a consistent feel

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The FCS II Accelerator PCC

• Designed for a balance of speed, flow & response with added control

• Suitable for all conditions & board types, particularly good in critical overhead waves

• Ideal for surfers wanting an 'All Round +' fin who attack the wave & perform aggressive turns

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 FCS II Carver PCC 

The FCS II Carver PCC

• Designed for powerful, drawn-out turns with added hold

• Suitable for open face, down-the-line waves, particularly good in point & reef breaks

• Ideal for power surfers who like to push hard & carve through turns

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 FCS II Reactor PCC 

The FCS II Reactor PCC

• Designed for speed & tight turns, with added tail release

• Suitable for hollow waves, particularly good for beach breaks

• ​Ideal for surfers who like to make fast directional changes & perform progressive turns

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Performance Core (PC)
Our Performance Core (PC) range has also been updated with a larger hex core which makes the fins lighter with a softer flex delivering a more forgiving, and consistent feel. NEO Glass is unchanged in its high fiberglass formulation, offering a premium feel at an affordable price.

FCS II PC Fin Material

So which construction is right for you?

If you’re in the ‘Advance +’ category, you like to push hard through turns, and want a fin that offers immediate response, then Performance Core Carbon (PCC) construction is right for you.

‘Intermediate +’ surfers will benefit from Performance Core (PC) construction which offers a consistent feel in a range of conditions, and is more forgiving to help you maintain speed as you execute turns.

NEO Glass is a great option for ‘Novice +’ and also ‘Intermediate +’ surfers looking for a more affordable option, but don’t necessarily want to sacrifice on performance.

Use the new FCS II Fin Finder to find the fins best suited to your surfing.