Behind The Curtain - Haydenshapes Surfboards

by Chris D | Mar 30, 2017
Hayden Cox is a forward thinker when it comes to surfboards. The inventor of Future Flex technology, Hayden has been instrumental in not only validating the popularity of EPS and Epoxy materials in surfboard manufacturing, but his unique designs such as the Hypto Krypto have netted global popularity and numerous industry awards. Here we get a little insight into the man behind the HS brand.



The new FCS II HS fin has been purpose built to work with the Hypto Krypto and other higher volume board models with lower rocker.

Classified as an all-rounder, the outline can be compared to the FCS II Performer, but with a longer base to increase down-the-line drive and speed, and less sweep to enhance pivot. This fin features a functional outline and foil, paired with a monochromatic snakeskin print inlay true to the Haydenshapes brand style and aesthetic.

View the FCS II HS Tri Fin Set
View the FCS II HS Tri-Quad Fin Set