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FCS SUP's Casper Steinfath Takes Over Paris

by Chris D | Dec 16, 2014
Earlier last week, the biggest race of the year in Paris where over 400 participants had gathered to compete in the 5th Annual Nautic SUP Paris Crossing, saw FCS SUP's Casper Steinfath come out as the overall winner of the event. 

Casper was using an FCS fin prototype that he has developed and is hoping to release in the near future.

“It was an honor racing through Paris with 400 smiling SUP racers” noted Casper. “It was one of the most beautiful and hardest races I have ever been in! I am super stoked to finish the 2014 SUP Season with a win in Europe's biggest and most prestigious race. Congratulations to everyone who paddled the race and to everyone who made this event possible!”

"Casper is the real deal.  It's been an honor to work with him and all our incredible athletes on new fin designs" said FCS's Tyler Callaway. "It's really exciting to get that validation from them winning on FCS fins.  It's been an incredible year with over 30 major races won. That is so inspiring, it keeps us pushing forward faster and faster technology." 

We’re stoked to see one of our athletes finish the 2014 year on a high note and we look forward to the upcoming 2015 race season! 

About FCS SUP:
At FCS we do our best to make high-quality innovative products that will help you improve your performance and your standup paddle experience in and out of the water. We are honored to work with a long list of legends and to partner with them to help improve their performance and yours. We believe that the sport of standup paddling is largely about empowerment and helping people to enjoy their lives and achieve their performance goals. 



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