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FCS SUP Athletes Performance

by Chris D | Aug 26, 2015

Barcelona, Spain 26th – 28th June
European Cup Stop #1 

Candice Appleby
1. Long Distance Race 1st place
There is no doubt that Candice is a major Title contender in 2015, even after just one event, as she showed a level of comfort on flat water this weekend.
She has consistently shown herself to be one of the most well rounded athletes in the sport. In the Long Distance Race, Candice was leading for most of the race.

“Stoked to win the distance race today on day 1 here in Barcelona, Spain for the Stand Up World Series. Congrats to all the girls on a great race in tough conditions. Big thanks to all of my supporters!”
“I am very happy. Winning here is very special to me because it was the first time competing in Europe. I enjoyed competing in Barcelona."

2. Sprint Race 1st place
After a dominant performance in the long distance race on Day 1, Candice continued as she had started on Day 2, to charge her way through the rounds to take victory in the sprints and the overall win.

“Huge thanks to everyone that helped me succeed here in Spain. I'm stoked to have won the sprints and overall on day 2 of competition. Casper Steinfath you're so kind to have let me use your board when the airline wouldn't take mine. Congrats to all the athletes and thanks to ALL of my supporters and sponsors! 

Eric Terrien
1. Long Distance Race 5th place
2. Sprint Race 11th place

Casper Steinfath
1. Long Distance Race 9th place
2. Sprint Race 3rd place

Casper Steinfath, known for his strong sprinting skills, kept position behind Kai the entire time, taking 3rd for himself. 

“I found myself in a tight battle with Connor Baxter and my teammate Kai Lenny. We all pushed each other hard in what was a really tight race. It came down to a photo finish between Kai and I running up the beach for second place. What a race!”

Zane Schwitezer
1. Long Distance Race 8th place
2. Sprint Race 4th place

California, Lake Tahoe – El Dorado Beach 27th- 28th June
2015 Race the Lake of The Sky

Danny Ching
1. El Dorado 5 mile 1st place
Danny finished in just over one hour flat, which suggests the course, was probably a bit longer than the advertised 5 miles (8kms).

2. El Dorado 14 mile 1st place
To the surprise of nobody, Danny Ching swept the weekend, winning both the 5 and 14-mile races. The 404 front man was never seriously challenged in the 14 foot class, at one stage looking like he might even keep pace with the Unlimited leaders as well.

“Thank you Chris Brackett and Race the Lake of the Sky for another great event. One of the best events of the year. If you’re looking for a travel destination race, this is place to be. Family friendly and super fun! Thanks again to all those that supported the event and support me.”

FCS SUP Danny Ching 

Finland, Sieravuori 3rd – 4th July 
European Cup Stop #2 

Zane Schwitezer
1. Long Distance Race 3rd place
Zane Schweitzer puts on another solid performance here in Finland, looking to reclaim his event title here, but also the European Cup Title he won in 2014. 
The race started of well for the young Hawaiian, as he maintained a solid 2nd place through much of the course, trading off with teammate and fierce competitor Leonard Nika throughout the back end of the 1st lap and early part of the 2nd. However, Eric Terrien’s strategic move through the second lap forced Zane to have to settle with 3rd place, and the determination to make it back on the 2nd day of competition

2. Sprint Race 3rd place
Zane Schweitzer holds onto 2nd through the first two thirds of the race, only to watch Eric Terrien come from behind, slipping to 3rd.

Eric Terrien
1. Sprint Race 5th place
2. Long Distance (9.5km) 2nd place
He pulls of an epic strategy decision to leapfrog from 5th to 2nd and gain distance on race leader Casper Steinfath.

Casper Steinfath
1. Long Distance Race (9.5km) 9th place
Painting a picture of how he got the lead, Casper explains that he began, “picking off some nice bumps on my Naish Javelin LE 12’6” in order to stay ahead, and quickly got into a good rhythm. I realized I was creating a gap back to the rest of the field and that’s when I hit the gas.”  
Once he realized how much distance he had between them, he increased his pace and paddled as hard as he could until the end, ensuring his 1st place position.

He had a great start here in the long distance, allowing him to take the lead coming up to the first buoy, and build on it through the 1st upwind leg and through the islands, before turning to the downwind section to capitalize on his lead and get distance between him and second place.

The two lap course allowed him to further consolidate on his lead, with the only threat being a late charge by the Frenchman Eric Terrien (Bic SUP), something that he held off, and then turned on the gas once again, to earn a convincing win in today’s race.

2. Sprints Race 3rd place
It was a competitive race the whole way through. Casper explains the course as a, “tight 500 meter affair with lots of buoy turns and carnage opportunities.” However, with sprints being Casper’s favorite discipline, he enjoyed the challenge. After a tough paddle battle with Leonard Nika, he maintained his lead and took the 1st place spot again for the second day in a row.

This overall win in Finland has propelled Casper into 1st place on the European Cup ranking, putting him in great position to defend his status in Italy at the end of the month. Pleased with his win, Casper shares: “I am really happy with this result and I couldn’t have done it without the amazing support of all my sponsors, friends and family! This was a big boost for me and I can’t wait for the final European battle in Rome in 2 weeks!” 

FCS SUP Zane Schwitezer

Rome, Italy 24th – 26th July
European Cup Final Stop #3 

Casper Steinfath

1. Long Distance Race day 1 – 1st place
Take control of the race through the 1st of 3 laps today, a lead that he maintained through the entire race, only threatened by 2nd place finisher Zane Schweitzer through the backend of the 1st lap after a great read of the bump by the young Hawaiian.

“Super stoked with my 1st place in the long distance race today!! It was a long, hard and hot (40 C°) grind out there but the waves helped a lot!”
2. Sprint Race day 2 – 5th place
During a flurry of sets in the final, Casper got caught behind on the first leg, and then went down again on the second, as he came around the inside buoy, he was able to regain his composure and get himself back into the picture over the last 2 legs of the dynamic ‘M’ course to finish in 5th.

Winner of the European Cup 2015
He has looked more focused and more determined than ever over this year’s European Cup campaign, each event, building on the last, and looking stronger and faster than ever. He seems to only go from strength to strength as his career develops.

“Thanks to all my friends, family and sponsors for the support - this one is for all you!!”

Zane Schweitzer

1. Long Distance Race day 1 – 2nd place
Put on a solid performance in long distance race, finishing in 2nd place and showcasing impressive ocean lecture to close the gap on Casper on all the downwind runs.

2. Sprint Race day 2 – 2nd place
Zane battled his way to the finish line with eventual sprint winner and team mate Dylan Frick taking 2nd place for his effort, enough to secure him the overall win here at Stop #3 of the European Cup in Italy.

Winner of the Italian Surf Expo 
Solid surf and inspirational performance.

Hawaii, Oahu 26th July
The Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championship 

Travis Grant 

Winner of Molokai 2 Oahu 1st: Travis Grant (4:49:38)
Travis claims his second title in three years to stamp himself as one of the greatest paddlers in the sport. 
He won by 16 minutes, in what was the most competitive field in Molokai history. That’s an amazingly dominant result. 

“I don't know what to say. M2O 2015 winner. So hot, so tough, so happy. This race means more to me then I thought. Thank you to everyone that supported me. To win this race again is my greatest achievement. Love life.”

Danny Ching

Danny Ching was expected to battle for the major title this year but switched to the two-man team relay division at the last minute, in what became an interesting sub-plot to the race. The official word is that he tweaked his knee a few days ago (which he did), but given how incredibly strong he performed today that seems an unlikely reason. Either Ching over-estimated his own injury or he simply switched divisions to try and improve his result.
Two-Man Team Relay

1st: Danny Ching/Kaihe Chong (4:59:21) 
FCS SUP Travis Grant



    Justin Holland

    Justin Holland

    Name: Justin Holland
    Date of Birth: 20th Feb 1977
    Born: Emerald Beach
    Lives: Kingscliff
    Sponsors: FCS, Quiksilver, Starboard SUP, Kona Red Hawaiian Fruit Drink