It’s a fact, the popularity of EPS surfboards is on the rise. These boards offer a little extra spring and liveliness under foot compared to a traditional PU board, as well as a touch more buoyancy, and that’s ticking boxes as far as we’re concerned.

The JS HYFI is Jason Stevenson’s version of an EPS build that might just be the most high performing and validated epoxy surfboard on the market. Having access to one of the best surf teams on the planet, JS has been able to refine this technology to the point where it’s now being used at the highest WSL Championship Tour level alongside his signature FCS II JS fin template.

In this version of mySURFtv - FCS Behind The Curtain we take a closer look at the HYFI and learn how it came about, and more importantly how it will feel when you ride one.




Available in Tri and Tri-Quad options in both Medium and Large sizes, the JS template has the longest base length of any comparable size tri fin in the FCS range. It’s this longer base that produces all the drive and speed.

The sweep or rake is 36.1°, which is more than you’ll find on an ‘All Round’ fin. This encourages a longer, more flowing turning arc. The tip is also quite tapered or narrow, and it’s the absence of area in the tip which allows the fin to release out of the lip when pushed hard on more vertical angles of attack.

 ​JS HiFi Board FCS


Performance Core (PC) fins deliver a consistent feel, similar to a traditional fibreglass fin, but with the advantage of reduced weight. The flex pattern extends progressively from the base through to the tip helping the surfer to maintain drive and hold through a turn. PC fins are reliable, very responsive, and can be used in a variety of different conditions.

“The best surfers in the world like Parko, Andy, Dusty and Bruce have all used this fin to win multiple events, so we know it works”. - JASON STEVENSON

View FCS II JS Tri Fin Set
View FCS II JS Tri-Quad Fin Set



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