At FCS, we understand the importance of safeguarding your surfboard when you’re not in the ocean. That's why we offer an extensive selection of surfboard covers to keep your boards safe and secure. Whether you ride shortboards or longboards, we’ve got covers to fit every size and shape perfectly.

That being said, there are extra measures you can take to maximise your equipment’s safety and ensure they remain intact when they’re getting tossed around in airports, buses, taxis and hire cars.

Tips And Tricks To Cover Your Boards Properly and Keep Your Equipment Intact
1 – Ensure Your Boardbag Is Empty

Make sure there are no little rocks, stones or pebbles in your boardbag. The last thing you want is to end up with the sharp end of a rock wedged into a brand-new board. If it’s still dirty from a previous trip away, we suggest giving it a quick vacuum or sponge out all the dirt and sand and then drying the bag off a few days in advance.

2 – Take Out Your Fins

Once clean, ensure your boardbag is laid out on a flat surface. Begin to take fins out of your chosen boards. Leaving fins in can potentially lead to cracked fin boxes, smashed fins and damage to your other boards. Once all fins are out, begin to place your boards in the bag.

3 – Protect The Nose And Tail

While a lot of the FCS Travel Cover range contains a 12mm foam body with an extra 2mm plastic plate on the nose and tail to protect boards in transit, we’d suggest using any wetsuits, towels or bubble wrap securely around the nose and tail of your crafts. It is important to avoid any wetsuit zippers, clasps or thick folded sections of towels connecting directly with your board as it can result in cracks, dings or compressions. A lot of the larger FCS travel bags contain separation sheets to eliminate board movement and damage during transit. Place these between each board. This will also ensure one board isn’t transferring wax to the underside of the board on top.

4 – Put The Added Extras In The Correct Space

Be sure not to place your legropes, fins, wax boxes or other items loosely in your boardbag. They’ll simply rattle around the bag and dig into your board. The FCS Travel Boardbag range features a Velcro pocket at the tail end of the boardbag for you to stash your hardware. We strongly recommend using this for legropes and wax and using an FCS Fin Wallet or FCS Accessory Kit to house your fins.

5 – Other Things You Can Do

If you’re still not totally convinced your board is safe and secure, we recommend putting each board in an FCS Stretch Cover or Day Cover to give each board extra protection, but this will reduce the number of boards that will fit in your Travel Boardbag.

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