Beneath the surface

Surfboard fins play a significant role in shaping the performance of a surfer and their board when they unite on a wave.
While the design of a surfboard holds its own allure, it is the fins that truly breathe life into a board. With the aim of unraveling the secrets behind fin templates, we reached out to some of the world's best surfers.

Introducing Beneath The Surface, a new series where we check in with some of the world's best surfers and chat with them about their preferred fin templates.

episode 1

isabella nichols

episode 2

ben skinner

Episode 3

matt chojnaCki

episode 4

Kolohe andino

EPisode 5

Crosby colapinto

episode 6

luKas skinner

episode 7

harley ingleby

episode 8

harry timson

EPisode 9


episode 10

Andrew Cotton

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