Mark Richard is considered surfing royalty, not only for achieving 4 consecutive World Titles but for also pioneering a radical approach to wave riding made possible by his famous twin-fin designs. But there’s a backstory here…



In this mySURFtv episode of FCS Behind The Curtain, MR explains how a simple idea produced one of the most fun and rippable board and fin combinations in surfing history that still holds relevance today.<
You see, as a young aspiring shaper and red hot surfer, Mark’s performance aspirations were well ahead of his equipment. And frustrated with the somewhat clunky and restrictive single fin boards of the era, he set about designing a board that would allow him to access more critical parts of the wave, perform a higher repetition of acute turns, and ultimately unlock his full potential.



From here the MR twin fin surfboard design was born, and the ensuing evolution of wave shredding in the years after would go into hyperdrive. But this is a two-part story because the board was only one piece of the puzzle, and the other piece, of course, were the fins he designed in conjunction with the boards.


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