Recently update to Performance Core material, the FCS II JW PC fin featuring AirCore technology is now available in two new Limited Edition colors.

Available for selected time only in Medium (Blue/Orange) and Large (Orange/White) sizes, these two colorways will not only enhance the performance of your shooter, but they’ll add some aesthetic flare as well.

The JW Template

Julian’s fin sits in the Carver family, so it’s suited to longer, more powerful turns on open face waves.

“My fin feels sturdy, fast and predictable with great projection out of the lip, and plenty of control when pushing your board hard through a turn” - JULIAN WILSON

Julian Wilson AirCore

The Tech Elements

Full Base = Instant speed and acceleration off the mark.
High Sweep = Exceptional projection when taking flight and drawing a longer arc.
Curved Trailing Edge = Smooth, yet controlled feel when pushing hard through turns.
Leading Edge Bevel (side fins) = Smoother transition between turns, especially at high speeds.

Performance Core

Performance Core (PC) fins have a progressive flex from the base through to the tip helping the everyday surfer to maintain drive and speed through turns. PC fins are versatile, very responsive, and can be used in a variety of different conditions.

Featuring AirCore

Fins with AirCore Technology feature a pressed polyurethane foam core that mimics the geometric foil of the fin. AirCore technology reduces the amount of fiberglass required in the RTM molding process making it much lighter while allowing total manipulation of the flex.


Julian Wilson JW Limited


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