10% of proceeds This Weekend will support SIMA’s Clean Oceans for Surf environmental fundraiser

Every once and while a kid turns up with an old soul. A soul that sees past the trophies, past the contest jerseys and the pursuit of world domination. Instead, they seem to possess an intrinsic connection to the ocean and the freedom to surf uninhibited by the pursuit of points. 


In most cases, the ‘old souls’ also inhabit an individuality that’s often mimicked by the un-authentic, as well as an appreciation of all things classic; be it art, music, literature and most importantly, style. Oscar Langbourne is one such soul… Posed and silky smooth in the aqua, balanced with a relaxed approach on land, you’d be mistaken for thinking he’d been walking the earth way longer than a mere 15 years.

We’re digging what this kid is all about; freedom, travel, fun and expression, and in many ways, Oscar embodies many of the things that lie at the heart of what we do here at FCS. Welcome to the team, mate.


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