Filipe Toledo’s form at the Surf Ranch can’t be denied, and in this year’s event he took it to another level. His equipment needs to be given some of the credit, notably, his fin set up; the FCS II H4 Quad paired with a Sharp Eye (Dark Arts) 72 Inferno Model.

With a focus on speed, manoeuvrability and control, Filipe’s decision to ride the world’s most innovative fin, configured as a quad, gave him the winning edge.



The wave at Surf Ranch riffles down-the-line, and the H4 template is all about speed and control; two key elements needed when performing fast turns in critical parts of the wave. H4 was designed to offer a feeling of predictability in those moments when you’re pushing it to the limit, allowing you to execute, re-set and accelerate into the next turn without losing any speed or drive.

“The wave at Surf Ranch is super quick, so you need to blast off the top hard and fast, and still drive down the line. The flex of the H4 fins gives them so much acceleration, you can also put so much power into every turn and not lose any speed. They felt amazing!” – Filipe Toledo



Eliminating the centre fin reduces drag, it’s that simple. Quads are faster, provide more acceleration compared to a thruster, and offer a feeling of control inside the tube. The H4 Quad rears were designed to perfectly compliment the unique side fin template, offering the pivotal control typical of a tri fin setup with the advantage of extra forward projection.

 “The H4 Quad felt so quick and smooth, and lets you ride really deep in the barrel. I also felt secure when carving off the top, like I could push as hard as I wanted.” – Filipe Toledo



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