Filipe Toledo is on a collision course with destiny.

Along the way to clinching his 4th Oi Rio Pro, Filipe destroyed his opponents with the most committed surfing seen this season, and along the way secured his spot in the final 5 showdown for the WSL World Title.

The shifty, often tricky beach breaks of Rio can unravel even the most versatile competitors, but Filipe attacked heat after heat with confident, fast rail surfing mixed with a radical edge on and above the lip. He was clearly the man to beat from the opening round.

Oh, and let’s not forget the mind-blowing perfect 10 Filipe dropped in the final courtesy of a backside rotator that went into the stratosphere.


Filipe Toledo Wins Rio Pro

Now sitting firmly at the top of the ratings, and clearly in career best form, his destiny, the WSL World Title, seems imminent.

“My boards never arrived from El Salvador, so I grabbed new boards, fins, grips and leashes for this event. As always, my equipment felt super reliable and connected, and that translates to good surfing”.

A huge congratulations also goes to Carissa Moore who was also victorious in Rio riding the FCS II MF in the new lucky lavender colourway (dropping soon). Like Filipe, Carissa also secured her spot in the final 5 showdown for the WSL World Title.


Filipe Toledo Wins Rio Pro Perfect 10

Filipe's Gear Breakdown

FCS II Filipe Toledo Fin - Large

Filipe’s signature FCS II fin sits in the Accelerator family and is considered an ‘All-Rounder’, with a little extra sweep and area for added control. For that reason, it’s ideal for punchy waves.

Constructed using AirCore technology, and one of the lightest in the FCS range. Filipe’s signature fin has a medium-to-stiff flex pattern that’s ultra-responsive which is suited to his fast, explosive style of surfing.

FCS Filipe Toledo Traction

The opposing grooves on Filipe’s pad balances easy foot adjustments with back foot security when loading up critical turns. This 3-piece pad has perforations for added sensitivity, and is suited to performance shortboards and hybrid models.

FCS 6’ Helix Leash

The Freedom Helix raises the bar on performance by being lighter, faster and more hydrodynamic than anything you’ve experienced before. With the perfect blend of weightlessness and strength, plus featuring a cord made from natural bio-resin which adds a sustainability element that can’t be ignored.


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