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Designed in collaboration with leading surf athletes and surfboard shapers, FCS offers a diverse range of surfboard fins suited to a variety of board models, wave conditions and surf styles. Whether you’re looking to improve your speed, flow, control or power, you’re in the right place.

FCS surfboard fins are the preferred choice by the world’s best surfers and shapers, and for good reason. Our revolutionary surfing fins and fin systems provide full flexibility to choose your experience as you chase that feeling on the waves.

Shop now for twins, quads, thrusters, keels, longboard, SUP fins and more with free domestic shipping on fin orders over $50.

Do surfboard fins really matter?

Any experienced surfer will agree that the correct fins can make a momentous difference to your surfing experience. The right surfboard fin will help you to manoeuvre and steer in different conditions and fine-tune your personal surf style. It’s a big part of why pros like Julian Wilson, Filipe Toledo, Mick Fanning, Kolohe Andino, Sally Fitzgibbons and Jeremy Flores all surf using FCS fins.

Quality and innovation where it counts

Of course, design and reliability are both essential when you’re out there on your board. FCS has become known the world over for constructing fins with the highest quality materials and a tireless approach to detailed product refinement. Innovations including our Inside Foil Technology (IFT), AirCore technology and the use of bio-resin in our Eco products have enabled us to deliver increasingly durable, light and efficient surf fins. These innovations naturally extend across our SUP, longboard and kite fins.

Versatility for diverse conditions

Fin Control System (FCS) was built from the ground up for versatility, and our second generation FCS II system makes this even simpler for a secure fin installation without screws. Simply insert the front of the fin and apply downward pressure to install in seconds, with fin removal just as easy with a quick rolling motion. Even if it’s 5am and still dark on the beach, it couldn’t be simpler.

What do the different fins do on a surfboard?

There are various fin setups, and each offers its advantages. Building on from the centered single fin style, a twin style balanced on either side of the board helps to provide stability. A center fin added at the rear of a thruster configuration adds control and manoeuvrability, which makes this a common setup for modern surfers. A fourth fin in the symmetrical quad setup will mean extra speed and a faster, looser ride on the waves. And five-fin boards are becoming increasingly popular, because you can easily mix and match the fin configuration that suits conditions best.

Of course, a fin’s composition and characteristics matter just as much as its position on the board. There are four clear FCS fin families to choose from to shape your surf. These are:

  • Performer: which focuses on a balance of flow, speed and response.
  • Reactor: which is ideal for speed with tight turns and snaps.
  • Accelerator: which gives you added control together with speed, flow and response.
  • Carver: which adds power and added hold so you can savor those drawn-out turns.

Check out our FCS fins guide to learn more about the different characteristics and construction when it comes to fins for surfboards.

How do I choose the right surf fins?

Over the years we’ve developed an extensive selection of fin options to help you get the most out of every surf. There are a few different factors to consider when choosing surf fins, which can include:

  • The waves in mind
  • Fin size, shape, composition and design
  • The surfboard’s layout
  • The surfer’s size and experience

Our find your fin page sets out five simple steps to choosing the right surfboard fins including size, fin setup, fin families, fin materials and slide and grip. It’s a useful tool whether you’re new to surfing or a seasoned surfer taking things to the next level. And of course, we have stockists in your area who’ll be happy to help with a tailored fin recommendation.

Are surfboard fins universal?

While all fin systems are not interchangeable, all FCS fins will work with the FCS II system. Your favorite FCS I fins don’t need to gather dust at the back of the shed, because they can be used with FCS II fin boxes with a simple compatibility kit. This makes it quick and easy to experiment with your configuration and fin style depending on how the water’s looking.

Shop right here with free domestic shipping on fin orders over $50 or, if you have any questions, get in touch with our team for friendly advice and more help choosing fins for surfboards.

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