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Whether you’re getting ready to tackle a dream day at the beach or you’re looking to make the best of a choppy surfing session, FCS quad fins can give you that extra boost to power through barrels.

In fact, quad sets have made big waves throughout the surfing world since they first hit the water in the late 80s. Even though those early quad fin setups for surfing were a little rough around the edges, they quickly proved themselves viable setups and were even good enough for Filipe Toledo to ride them enroute to the 2022 World Title.

Surfing technology has continued to evolve since those early years. And today, the modern quad fin surfboard is purposefully designed with speed and control in mind.

Here at FCS, our surfboard fins are no exception.

Developed from close collaboration with some of the world’s leading surf athletes and board shapers, the FCS Quads range consists of the Essential, Athlete and Shaper Series.

Perfect for a wide range of board models, wave conditions and surfing styles, our quad fins are available in FC1 and FCS 2 platforms.

Find your ideal fin configuration right here at FCS. As the industry leaders in surf hardware, we’ve got an unwavering commitment to innovation in the surfing industry.

Our selection of quad surfing fins are constructed with high quality materials like neo glass. They will last you through the toughest conditions and help you experience the best surfing conditions possible.

Are quad sets not right for you? No problem. We’ve also got a huge range of other surf fins for you to explore right here on the site.

You can find your fin of choice easily – whether you’re searching for the perfect single fin, are looking for twin fins, or you’re interested to give tri/quad fins a try.

Head over to our FCS fin guide to find the setup that’s right for you. And don’t forget – when you spend $50 or more, we offer free domestic shipping too!

What are quad fins good for?

Quad surf fins are good for a range of different surfing techniques, experience levels and surfing conditions.

Whether you’re a novice surfer or a salty veteran of the waves, a quad fin surfboard is designed to give you an extra hit of speed when you’re in the water – while still maintaining a reasonably fine degree of control

That might not sound like much on paper - but in practice, it can mean all the difference between making it out of a barrel in time or spending the next week cleaning seaweed and sand out of your crevices.

Of course, if you’re starting to surf for the first time, we’d suggest that you experiment with a few different fin sets – either on friend’s boards or rentals – so that you can figure out the style that suits you best.

Why are quad fins faster?

The simplest answer is that quad sets lack a center fin. Instead, they effectively have two rear fin sets, sitting on the underside of the board, close to the rails.

This means that you won’t always have quite as much precision as with other types of setup, because you’re missing that central pivoting point.

Conversely, you don’t have a center fin causing additional drag in the water and slowing you down. Hence, a cruisier experience overall!

When should I use quad fins?

Quad fins are great to use in just about any surf conditions. In fact, they were specifically designed to give surfers that extra bit of oomph – even when the surf conditions are smaller and weaker than you may have been hoping for.

But they’re great for the days when the swell is pumping, too. In these situations, quad rear fins offer you stability and control, allowing you to take control and stay on steady footing.

What are tri/quad fins?

Tri/quad fins for surfing are a five-fin setup.

Tri/quad fins use a system built into the base of the surfboard to allow you to switch between a number of different setups for your board, also offering a fin convertible option.

You can easily switch between setups between thruster and quad, allowing you to adjust your setup to match the surf conditions – and your experience level, too.

What's the difference between quad fins and tri/quad fins?

Though surfers tend to have pretty passionate ideas about which fin setup is best, there’s one point just about all of them will agree on – there isn’t one that’s perfect for every surfing scenario.

This is where tri/quad fins can be particularly useful. Surfboards capable of using tri/quad fins have a number of fin slots in their underside. This allows you to adjust the number of fins to suit your preference on the fly, rather than having to switch boards.

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