Team FCS - Oscar Langburne


Osc is one of those old souls stuck in a young body. It’s not such a bad scenario… While still a kid at heart, Oscars surfing reeks of classic lines with some new school jive peppered in for good measure, it’s a great mix. With zero interest in trophies, points or contest jerseys, instead Oscar prefers to work on his intrinsic connection to the ocean chasing quality over quantity and surfing with a sense of freedom that’s uninhibited by competitive pressures.

In the brine, Osc is posed, silky smooth with an ‘easy on the eye’ style that belies his age. On land his approach is equally as relaxed, and it’s easy to see the old school influences. Punk rock, art and the clobber a true reflection of his individuality. This one is unique!

This kid is all about freedom, travel, fun and expression, and in many ways, Oscar, the old soul, embodies many of the things that lie at the heart of what we do here at FCS.


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