FCS x Keyport Surf Multi Tool

The Aluminum FCS x Keyport Surf Multi Tool is a modular multi-tool + key organizer that holds up to eight keys and/or tool inserts. You can also attach optional tool/tech modules to both sides of the Multi Tool chassis. An ultimate tool for any surf adventurer. 

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  • Features & Benefits

    • Modularity - Ability to snap on our tool & tech modules to both sides of the chassis
    • Custom FCS Faceplate- Built with anodized aluminum
    • Anti-Rotation Mechanism - Key/tool stack can be set to the preferred tension, clicks every 90 degrees, and prevents unintended loosening
    • KeyportID Lost & Found Service - Unique serial number laser engraved onto the chassis. Comes with 24 months subscription to KeyportID

    Specs & Construction

    • Capacity: Holds *1-8 Keys and/or Tool Inserts
    • Chassis: 6061 Aircraft Aluminum
    • Waterproof
    • Aluminum Chassis Finish: Anodized
    • Components: Stainless Steel & TPU
    • Length Max: 3.155”
    • Length Min: 2.975”
    • Width Max: 1.062”
    • Width Min: .580”
    • Height: .596”
    • Aluminum Weight: 0.7 oz.
    • *Maximum capacity varies based on key and insert thicknesses.

    • About

      Keyport develops streamlined everyday carry solutions at the intersection of utility, convenience, and style. Keyport's modular devices artfully integrate smart tech (home / auto / personal security / locator) and everyday carry essentials (keys / remote fobs / pocket tools).

      Part universal smart remote, part premium key organizer, part Swiss Army knife, and part lost & found service, Keyport's fully customizable platform allows you to create your very own fully customizable, next-gen multi-tool for the modern lifestyle.

      Keyport tool in hand
    • The FCS x Keyport Surf Multi Tool combines the most popular everyday carry tools into the ultimate Swiss Army key chain and smart key organizer. The Pivot 2.0 Essential Bundle includes:

      • FCS x Keyport Pivot 2.0 Chassis
      • 5-in-1 Surf Multi-Tool - Surf Fin Hex Tool - Bottle Opener - Cord Cutter/Box Opener - Hex Bit Driver - 2" Ruler (TSA Friendly)

          Keyport Surf tool description
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