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Kolohe Andino FCS Traction

Kolohe's New Signature FCS Traction

It’s safe to say Kolohe’s new FCS Traction pad is truly unique. And while it shares some of the same features as other FCS ‘Athlete Series’ pads, there’s some custom elements that set it apart from any other pad.
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FCS II Kolohe Andino

FCS II Kolohe Andino KA Fin

Sitting in the Accelerator family, Kolohe’s signature fin is suited to fast, explosive surfing in punchy waves. Same geometry, new look.
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FCS II Twin Keel Range

The FCS II Twin And Keel Fin Range

From the traditional keel style fish shapes of the 60’s and 70’s, through to MR’s World Title winning design, surfers everywhere are loving the fast and free feel that comes when you eliminate the centre fin.
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FCS Mick Fanning

FCS II Mick Fanning Athlete Fin

Mick Fanning's FCS II MF signature template is perfect for executing powerful drawn-out turns, and carving on the open face. Find Your Fin.
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FCS II Essential Fins

The New FCS II Essential Series - Find Your Fin

The Essential series consists of 4 different fin templates, with each template representing a family of fins that offer a specific type of performance. We recently re-engineered our premium Performance Core Carbon (PCC) Essentials range. Learn more.
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FCS FT Athlete Fin

The FCS II Filipe Toledo Athlete Fin

By amalgamating two of our most popular templates and using a new ultra-light 3D foam core, we’ve created the lightest fin in the ​FCS range. Discover the new FCS II FT Athlete fin.
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Filipe Toledo Traction

Filipe Toledo Signature Traction

FilipeToledo's new Athlete pad is loaded with performance features and also provides a feel under foot that’s unique to any other pad on the market. Learn More.
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FCS Fin Materials

The FCS II Essential Series Fin Materials

New look, new tech, new feel. The Essential Series comes in 3 different constructions, Performance Core Carbon (PCC), Performance Core (PC) and NEO Glass, with each construction delivering a different feel in the water.
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Jeremy Flores FCS

The New FCS Jeremy Flores Traction

FCS is really excited to announce the release of the new FCS Flores Traction Pad. Jeremy had some serious input into the design of this one, and was really particular about all of the performance features on his pad. Here’s the rundown…
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FCS Fin Materials

The FCS Fin Materials Guide

So you’ve decided on the fin template that’s right for you… But what about the fin construction? This video explains the 6 constructions currently used in the FCS fin range.
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FCS Board Covers

The FCS Essential Series Board Covers

From everyday use to short travel missions where you only need one or two boards, each Essential Series Cover has been purpose built to protect your board, while offering ease of mobility and comfort.
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Guide To FCS Fins

A Guide to FCS Fins

Need a quick intro on how to select the best FCS fins to suit your surfing?
Understand how fin characteristics can change the performance of your surfboard.
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